Patient Pillow
Neck Support Pillow

for new and old dental chairs
Benefits and Testimonials

Patient  Pillow

Neck support pillow

Studies show that patients require their head and neck to be comfortable and secure for both short and long dental appointments. Most pillows are placed under the  patient's head which lowers the chin, reduces the airway and most importantly forces the mouth to close thereby decreasing access and visibility. The dentist must struggle and must constantly remind the patient "to open".

The Patient Pillow is positioned under the Patient's neck to gently cuddle and support the head and most importantly will guide the chin up resulting in a wide open mouth and improved airway and visibility.

Stop bending and twisting and repeating "Open Wide". Good bye back aches and sore neck. Improve visibility and control. Pull the pillow handles to bring patient's head closer to you.

Patient Pillow will increase:

Patient Comfort.

  • Head and Neck comfort and support
  • Mouth opens in rest position and stays open
  • opens airway.
  • patient's head at rest in perfect position.
  • Microban antibacterial and anti fungal surface.
  • 360 degree horizontal, vertical, and lateral support

Dentist Comfort.

  • Dentist can position and maintain patient's head in perfect position.
  • Immobilizes patient's head.
  • Patient's mouth stays open.
  • Easier access - greater visibility -less stress - more efficient - more productive.

Patient Pillow made my patients feel comfortable right away. I noticed a huge difference immediately. I hardly had to say "Open Wide". My patients liked the Patient Pillow so much that they wanted to know where to buy one for themselves.
- Dr. George P. Toronto

Great product! It's about time. So simple and so smart. I bought 6 pillows and brought two home. Great for watching TV and reading.
-Dr.Mariah C. Montana

I have been practicing for over 30 years and just moved to wonderful new offices and purchased 6 new dental chairs.  Even though they were state of the art ( and very costly) my patients hated them. They wanted the old chairs back. They complained that they were very uncomfortable even though the chairs were new and modern. The Patient Pillow made a HUGE difference. It transformed the dental chair from a liability to a great asset. Why didn't the dental companies figure that out?

Dr. Allan C. Montreal

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