Patient Pillow
Neck Support Pillow

for new and old dental chairs
Patient Pillow Headrest for dental and medical use.

Patient  Pillow

Neck support pillow

Patient Pillow™
   Saddle shaped
head and neck huger  pillow.



Endorsed by physiotherapists, doctors, dentists, trainers, orthopedic  and chiropractic doctors.

Breakthrough, Orthopedic, Ergonomic, Antibacterial, Tested, Endorsed, Guaranteed, Inexpensive, Practical.

Increase Patient and Dentist comfort.

How can I best prevent neck pain for my patient and myself?

How can I make my patient not move his head so much?

How can I make my patients’ mouth stay open wide?

How can I keep my patients’ head from moving away from me while working?


Placed  Under  the Patient's Neck to:

1. Open airway and keep mouth open.                                            

2. Provide  increased  access and visibility for dentist and assistant.                                                

3. Optimize patient comfort and head position for short and long appointments .

4. Prevent neck and back ache for both patient and dentist                                         

Handles allow dentist or assistant to gently push or pull patients’ head into exact desired position.

Saves time, energy/ increases comfort and productivity and profit.

Microban™ material which renders  pillow surface antibacterial and anti-fungal for lifetime of use.

Unconditional Guarantee - Total patient and dentist satisfaction

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